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Time & Optics, Ltd is a family run business since 1976.  You can buy new watches and clocks or get them fixed here.  But the reason I visit this business is for the optics–binoculars, telescopes, and accessories for birders as well as field guides and birding books.  I know Robert Hershberger personally as a friend, but he is also an excellent birder.  Robert has looked through more binoculars and telescopes than I ever will.  He knows the latest in optics and he will provide great advice for the asking.  One of the big pluses for a live visit to Time & Optics is to take a couple scopes outside and take a look through the scopes in a real outdoor environment.  I consider it a great privilege to know Robert.  I wholeheartedly support Time & Optics and I really am impressed what Robert and his family have to offer the birding community.

Time & Optics normal hours are (see special holiday hours in red below):

7:30am-5:00pm  Monday

7:30am-5:00pm  Tuesday

7:30am-5:00pm  Wednesday

Closed  Thursday

7:30am-7:00pm  Friday

7:30am-3:00pm  Saturday

Closed  Sunday

Special Time & Optics Holiday Hours (between Thanksgiving and Christmas):

7:30am-7:00pm Monday

7:30am-7:00pm Tuesday

7:30am-7:00pm Wednesday

7:30am-7:00pm Thursday

7:30am-7:00pm Friday

7:30am-5:00pm Saturday

Closed Sunday


Time & Optics, Ltd

6954 CR77, Millersburg, OH  44654

1-866-308-0727  or 330-674-0210


Time & Optics is in Northeastern Ohio, in the heart of Amish Country in Eastern Holmes County.  It is about half way between the towns of Mt. Hope to the North and Bunker Hill to the South.  From Mt. Hope, drive South on Holmes County Hwy 77 for about 1.7 miles.  Time & Optics will be on the left (East) side of the road just over a hilltop.  From Bunker Hill, drive North on Holmes County Hwy 77 for about 1.9 miles.  Time & Optics will be on the right (East) side of the road.

Quick Photo Tour of Time & Optics:

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7 thoughts on “Time & Optics

  1. Upon seeing your recommendation of Time & Optics, I decided to stop in today and look at their selection of spotting scopes. As you described, Robert was incredibly helpful! He allowed me to take them outside on his tripods to test them out side-by-side. This is exactly what I needed, since reading reviews online just doesn’t provide the information that a hands-on test does. A sincere, “Thank you!” from a very satisfied customer!

  2. Hi, my name is Joshua and I was looking for a price on a Vortex Viper HD spotting scope model #VPR-80A-HD I was looking at some on the internet and also a tripod to go with it , I would like to keep the package deal under $1,100 if possible. You can call us at 330-897-1474 thanks.

  3. Bought a Tri-Sling today the booth of Time And Optics, from the young Amish man that invented it and sold it to us at the Birder’s Digest optics expo in Columbus, Ohio. Using it for out spotting scope tripod and love it. Also love it is made in America, and invented by a young entrepreneur.

  4. This message is to Jim M. writer for the Home And Garden sec. for the Sunday Dispatch paper, I think I have a Rock Wren in my back yard, I live in Grove City, Oh. he is by his self and calls constantly , he is very vivatish , and very protective of his surroundings, please contact me and maybe we can identify it, thanks, Jewell Kelley.

  5. is the spring fling at time/optics coming up??? are you doing any tours and if so what times????

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