2014 Panama Target Birds 11-20

I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Most Frequently Reported Birds in Panama in late January that I posted last week.  Again, I am using eBird data for the entire country of Panama, the last 2 weeks for all years.  There is not a ton of data, but it is way better than nothing!  I am using data I collected July 13, 2013 (last month).  And all of this is preparation for my trip to Panama January 18-25 with Wildside Nature Tours.  You can sign up for the trip and come birding in Central America with me at this link: Panama Canal Zone and Pipeline Road Birding with Greg Miller

As I said before, some of Panama’s most common birds are birds that you will recognize from North America.  Like this one:

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican in flight – South Texas Coast – Dec 2012. Photo by Greg Miller

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Planning for Panama 2014

Woo-hoo!  It’s back to birding on the this birding blog.  I have a busy upcoming fall with events here in Ohio, Ontario, Colorado, Virginia, North Carolina, and Massachusetts.  Check out my calendar (you can access it by clicking on the Calendar tab above or by clicking here).  Today I have Panama on my mind.  Yup.  January 18-25, 2014 with Wildside Nature Tours!  Check out the details for Panama Canal Zone and Pipeline Road Birding with Greg Miller!

Did you know that is only about 21 weeks away?  I know you are thinking to yourself “That’s a long time–waaay into next year”.  And being completely bored with summer you are probably thinking of innovative ways to use up all your extra time.  Haha.  I am speaking in jest, of course.  Reality for most folks is “When will I get a breathing moment to do anything for myself?”

Magnificent Frigatebird

Magnificent Frigatebird near Tampa FL March 2013. Photo by Greg Miller

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2013 Ecuador with Wildside Nature Tours

Long-tailed Sylph. Ecuador. Photo by Kevin Loughlin, Wildside Nature Tours

Wow! Check out this Long-tailed Sylph! What a stunning creature!

I will be co-leading this trip with Edison Buenaño of Wildside Nature Tours . I met Edison this year at Biggest Week in American Birding. I’m sure many of you also met him. He has a delightfully bright personality and is a keen birder. The tour dates for this trip are August 10-25, 2013. The tour covers a number of fabulous birding areas in Northern Ecuador and the high Andes Mountains. We will also bird in humid rainforests and the Amazon Basin. It will be an exciting itinerary with a wild diversity of birds!

Crimson-mantled WoodpeckerEcuador. Photo by Kevin Loughlin, Wildside Nature Tours. .

And this Crimson-mantled Woodpecker. Jaw-dropping.

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2013 Memorial Day

I hope all of you were able to share some fun time with friends or family today. We live in a world that can be pretty difficult to understand at times. Tough things happen for which we have few explanations. On this Memorial Day my thoughts and prayers are with families that have paid the ultimate price with the loss of a family member. I wish you all my deepest gratitude and thankfulness for your sacrifice. I can never bring them back to life. But at least I can give you the honor and respect that you have earned.

And to those of you in active service–thank you from the bottom of my heart. Big political decisions by powerful people often cloud out the work and service each of you perform each day. I’m glad you choose to be there for all of us here at home. Every day. And every night. Often without any thanks. Or praise. You do it with dignity and honor. We have this special day called Memorial Day. It’s just one day. But you all serve our Country every day. Thank you all for your service. And tonight I’m giving a special shout out to my friends at Andrews Air Force Base! You all are awesome!

On another note, I will be co-leading a birding trip with Wildside Nature Tours to Ecuador in August of this year–yes 2013, less than 100 days away. There is still room on this trip. Check out the details at Wildside Nature Tours (http://wildsidenaturetours.com/tours/ecuador-northern-andes-and-amazon/?nggpage=2)