Letter To Dad 2013-11-22

Green Jay on arch - Bentsen Rio Grande SP - near McAllen TX - 2012-12-06

Green Jay on arch – Bentsen Rio Grande SP – near McAllen TX – 2012-12-06 photo by Greg Miller

Dear Dad,

A whole lot of people remember JFK on this date.  He was a leader that inspired many people to reach beyond themselves and do great things.  But a few folks will remember you.  Like me, they valued your friendship and respected your character.  And it was you that helped me gain the confidence to believe that I could do anything.  JFK I did not know.  But I did know you.  You were my father, my birding mentor, and my friend.  And for that, I am glad.

I lost you on this day 13 years ago, November 22, 2000. I had just moved back to Columbus, OH and got a job there so I could be closer to you during your final days. Little did I know that those final days would only be 2 weeks. <sigh> Your physical presence here on this planet is sorely missed. Much has happened since then. Continue reading

16-Hour Thrill!

Late Wednesday evening Robert Hershberger and I chatted excitedly about plans for the next day, Thursday, April 14.  Both of us were still elated after having returned from a successful twitch to see a Bullock’s Oriole coming to feeders in Southeastern Ohio.  The oriole was a great looking bird and completely out of place here in the East.  It was a state “life bird” (1st time observation ever in the state of  Ohio) for both of us.

The latest reports from Michigan Listers listserve for our target bird, the White Wagtail, were negative.  The bird had not been seen past noon on Wednesday.  So we made plans to bird up along Lake Erie in Northwestern Ohio and make frequent checks to the listserve for any reports of the wagtail.  That way we could enjoy decent birding and if the wagtail did turn up then we would be in position to make a run for it.  Pictures of our target bird, the White Wagtail can be seen here.

Pt. Mouillee mudflats of Cell 3 preferred by White Wagtail photo: Greg Miller

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