Whirlwind Schedule

Aaack!  I’m not keeping up with this very well.  Sorry for the long delay in posting.  My recent trips to Chicago for Birding America and the Big Year events in Grand Island, Nebraska went really well!  These trips were super enjoyable to me.  I only hope everyone else had as much of a good time as I did.

Now I’m trying to cram in my regular day job work as a computer consultant (haha, did you expect something different?) before I run away and do more birding/speaking/guiding again.

Did someone say running off?  Yes.  Yes, they did.  Where will I be in late April and May?  Oooh.  Good question.  How about this?

April 24-27 – Florida Keys & Dry Tortugas with Wes Biggs and Florida Nature Tours (check out the $200 discount posted on Wes Biggs facebook page!)

May 4-6 – Southern Ohio for Flora-Quest (botany, butterflies, and birds) with Cheryl Harner

May 7-13 – NW Ohio for Biggest Week in American Birding with Kenn & Kim Kaufman

May 17-21 – Farmington, Utah for the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

I am totally thrilled and so looking forward to being a part of all of this!!!

Gotta run off now to my day job (which I don’t hate like the movie, The Big Year, says).