Colorado October 2013

Wow! What is not to like about aspens in the fall? I am here in Colorado for Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory’s BBQ with the Birds tomorrow, October 5, 2013. Check out the RMBO website for more information. And of course, if you are in the area why not come and join me for the day’s festivities!

The views in the mountains are incredible! This photo was taken yesterday near Mt. Evans.

The aspens in mid day sun are bright enough they look as if they have their own source of illumination.

Here is a view from Guanella Pass. Al Levantin and I visited here in December 1998 and saw White-tailed Ptarmigans. I was here yesterday with Mark Obmascik, author of the book, The Big Year. Yes, I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

This is Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. I visited the American Birding Association headquarters there a couple days ago and saw my friends Jeff and Liz Gordon. To the left of the closest rock Jeff & I saw 2 Prairie Falcons. Behind us were a couple Townsend’s Solitaires and further down the hill a Juniper Titmouse.

Some other birds we saw in the Colorado Springs area included this Spotted Towhee.

And this Western Scrub-Jay.

And bushtits.

And Mountain Chickadees.

And Pygmy Nuthatches.

Yesterday Mark Obmacik and I saw 2 Ferraris. Check out the front of this line of cars. And they are gonna drive on a section of dirt road near Mt. Evans.

And we got to see the famous amphitheater at Red Rocks, too!

I’m staying in Brighton, Colorado. This morning I woke up to see a coating of snow. Which is not much compared to nearby Steamboat Springs (a little more than 100 miles west of Brighton).

Whoa! I’m not ready for that yet!

One cannot merely visit Denver without going to a good Mexican restaurant. Mark & I went to Los Carboncitos on Sheridan Blvd. My menu choice here was an eye-catching dish that comes in several varieties. It is a Huaraches–a long tortilla with all sorts of stuff piled high. This particular one is Huaraches Cubano. And yes. It was very yummy!

Dress warmly and join me tomorrow at Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory in Brighton!


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  1. looks like you had a wonderful time here in CO! I hope you can come back, I missed BMBO BBQ b/c my husband had surgery. 🙁 I enjoyed your photographs, looks like the aspen were at their peak for you!

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