The Dry Tortugas part II

Bird movement was pretty significant on April 26, 2012 and many of the migrants showed up at “the drip”, a fresh-water fountain found inside Fort Jefferson.  The days in the Tortugas this year were quite memorable.  I spent hours watching birds drop in after their 500-mile journey across the Gulf of Mexico.  It was both intriguing and inspiring to think of the incredible effort it takes to make the journey of just *one* crossing of this large body of water.  Now imagine doing it twice a year!  I think it just made my heart skip a couple beats.  What sort of amazing force drives a bird internally to do this?  Well, it is something awe-inspiring.  I enjoy experiencing the energy and power of bird migration every year.  It is very moving to me.  Seeing the obvious fatigue of some of these birds here on the Dry Tortugas was a strong reminder of the perils of an “average” migration.

Enjoy the birds.


3 thoughts on “The Dry Tortugas part II

    • My favorite Chicago area birding site is Montrose Point (part of Lincoln Park). It’s a small area of land that juts into Lake Michigan and is a good migrant trap.

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