The Dry Tortugas part I

To me, there are many great birding spots in North America, but there are few that rival the idyllic crystal blue waters of the Dry Tortugas.  These small islands are located in the Gulf of Mexico nearly 70 miles west of Key West, Florida.  A handful of birds are found more easily here than anywhere else.  And I love the white sandy beaches, the warm moist, salty air, and magical blue waters of these beautiful little islands.

I’ve been to the Dry Tortugas several times, but always on the daily charters for snorkelers instead of the birding boat tours that frequent these keys in April.  But this time around, I was invited by veteran birder, Wes Biggs, to be a part of one of his Florida Nature Tours boat trips out to the Dry Tortugas in April 2012.

It was a great trip and the birds did not disappoint!

One thought on “The Dry Tortugas part I

  1. Wow–great pics Greg! (the last 3 posts). The water color is indeed striking! Love the lighthouse on Loggerhead Key–very inviting! (A little more inviting than your sleeping quarters…)

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