Get Ready for Warbler Mayhem

It’s gonna start soon.  It happens every year.  Spring!  Warblers will be everywhere again decorating the trees like Christmas ornaments and filling the area with a cacophony of glorious song!  I can’t wait.  It’s my favorite time of year!  Ohio is home to an extraordinary warbler experience.  Some of the best opportunities to be amazed by the event we call migration can be found right here in Ohio.

People from around the world will come to visit Ohio.  The best time to come?  May.  If you only have a short time to visit, why not base your visit around the events of Biggest Week in American Birding?  Yes, there will be lots of people.  And for good reason–they are here for the birds.  My favorite family of birds, the wood warblers, will be here in full force.  How many species of warblers can you see?  Well, technically 36 species occur regularly in Northwest Ohio at places including Magee Marsh, Crane Creek, Ottawa NWR, Maumee Bay State Park, and Oak Openings.  I usually count a good week as about 28 species of warblers.  Some of the southern species are harder to find here.  But, this year I am leading a road trip to Southern Ohio in Scioto and Adams Counties.  We’ll have a chance to see 9 species of warblers that are easier to find on their nesting grounds in the forests near the Ohio River than as rare over-shots in Northwestern Ohio.  Some of you may come away with nearly all the wood warblers found in Eastern North America.

I’ve included some charts here on my website of relative distribution for 37 species of warblers.  Check out the tab under Ohio Warblers in Spring.

Time to learn some songs, brush up on plumages, and read up on warbler habits.  Warbler Mayhem will soon be upon us!

4 thoughts on “Get Ready for Warbler Mayhem

  1. Ohio is on my list of places to go birding someday soon. My son is at Oberlin, so I’m hoping to add an extra day at the beginning or end of a drop-off/pick up trip and head to Magee Marsh. I have friends who cannot stop talking about that place.

    PS Reading The Big Year and you’re my favorite birder in it.

    • I love this place, too! Even when I used to live out-of-state I would make a habit of coming in for Mother’s Day and sneak in a day at Magee Marsh for warblers.

  2. I live just 20 min away from Magee…and I cant wait til the first week of May to come again! Such a fun time! I’ve already been out twice in the last 2 weeks…and this past Sunday the Golden-crowned kinglets and brown creepers were EVERYWHERE! Will you be there in May? It seemed from your post you might be somewhere else!
    -Laura in Walbridge Oh

    • I will be with Flora-Quest in Shawnee State Forest in southern Ohio from May 4-6. I’m leading a Biggest Week Road Trip on May 4 there, and then I will be part of the wonderful event, Flora Quest (botany, butterflies, and birds). When I finish there, I will be going directly to NW Ohio for the rest of Biggest Week in American Birding. I cannot wait!!!

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