Western Meadowlark Continues

A Western Meadowlark is a rare bird in Ohio.  Some years may only see one or two records for the entire state of Ohio.  It is a special bird for me because of its uniquely melodic song.  The sound of it takes me away.  I was out with Cheryl Harner yesterday and I got some distant photos of the bird in gray back lit conditions.  If you’re lucky, you can tell it’s a meadowlark.

Western Meadowlark, Holmesville, OH - 4/5/2011 photo: Greg Miller

Hahaha!  Above is the tiny black spec race of the Western Meadowlark.

Western Meadowlark with the beauty of pixelation of digital zoom photo: Greg Miller

Oh, my.  At least you can make out yellow pixelation on this fuzzy creature, fully zoomed digitally.  Isn’t it just grand?  Maybe it’s a bird.  Or not.  Sigh.  Guess both these photos may make their way into the Gallery of C.R.A.P. (Completely Ridiculous Awful Photographs).

I was out birding this afternoon with Robert Hershberger and we were able to refind the Western Meadowlark.  I did not get any photos today.  Well.  Once could argue that I did not get any photos of it yesterday either.

Bobolink Area treats birders with hospitality! photo: Greg Miller

Above is a sign welcoming birders looking for the Long-eared Owl (North of Mt. Hope, Ohio).

Long-eared Owl, Mt. Hope, OH - 4/6/2011 photo: Greg Miller

And…sigh…another disrespecting bird.  It’s posing right behind a small clump of green.  Rats.  And no, I did not lay down on the ground to try to get a better photo of this well-hidden owl.  Today, I was just happy to see this sometimes very elusive creature in Ohio.

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