Opening Night Was Great!

Thanks to everyone who made my opening evening a memorable one!  It was great!  I enjoyed it immensely.  I can’t write much this morning.  I gotta pack up the car and drive from Ohio to Maryland today.  Why?  haha!  I’m glad you asked–so I can go see The Big Year again with all my friends from Maryland (where I lived during my big year in 1998).  Here are the particulars:

Date: Saturday, 15 Oct 2011 Time: 07:20 PM
Location: UA Snowden Square Stadium 14
9141 Commerce Center Dr
Columbia, MD 21046

Here is link to a map and for directions:

The movie was enjoyable the second time around, too.  That’s usually a sign a movie has some holding power.  Let’s hope that’s true for other viewers as well.  If you’re a birder and you’re reading this, you should definitely go see the movie yourself, then go see it again with a non birding friend.  The movie does a nice job of painting us birders as real people with passions that lead us down exciting and unique paths.

Gotta run!  See you at the movie!

Less Than A Week To Go!

Holy Smokes!  I cannot believe this is really happening!  It just doesn’t seem real that some personal birding adventure from 13 years ago has been a part of what inspired a Hollywood movie.  Simply jaw-dropping.  Miller Luck in more than just birding?  ahaha!  How cool is that??!!?!  A lot is happening now with interviews with the stars on TV and HBO carrying a First Look at The Big Year (which I hear is quite good–I haven’t seen it yet myself).  So if you haven’t had time to catch up with what all is going on, I’ll add a few links here to help you out.

New Articles:

Variety magazine article on partnership between the movie & Audubon organization

ENews Park Forest article on The Big Year & Audubon

‘The Big Year’: To kill by mocking the birds – Chicago Sun-Times

Orlando Sentinel interview with all 3 stars (Black/Martin/Wilson)

Some pictures:

‘The Big Year’ stills


Rashida Jones interview on “The Big Year”

Black/Martin/Wilson interview with Access Hollywood

(the whole show–about 40 minutes)
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – Oct 6, 2011 (includes full interview with Black/Martin/Leno)

Or just watch clips of the interview on Tonight Show with Jay Leno:
Black/Martin/Wilson – preview clip on Hulu

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 1

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 2

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 3

And Columbus fans of The Big Year can watch for an article in this Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch.  Local fans (near Millersburg, OH) can be listening for a brief interview with me on WJER.  NPR listeners can tune in sometime in the near future (as the movie release gets closer) for another interview with me with Mark Urycki of WKSU.  I will be attending an advanced screening of the movie on Monday night in Richmond Heights, OH, thanks to tickets from the Akron Beacon Journal.  Speaking of Monday, The Big Year trio (Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson) will be on TV with Ellen DeGeneres.  And check out the Events tab on this website to see all the upcoming fun!

See you all at the movie!

The Big Year Pub is Crankin Up!

Finally, we’re getting some publicity for the movie!  For a long time I figured they must be practicing Ninja Marketing–the kind you cannot see or hear. hahaha.  But now we are getting ads on TV, movie clips on the Internet, and Previews in the theaters.  Are you getting excited?  I sure am!

Here are some clips, interviews, and online articles if you haven’t gotten your fill yet:

The Big Year stars (Steve Martin, Owen Wilson, Jack Black) on Good Morning America

Jack Black Interview on The Big Year

Owen Wilson Interview on The Big Year

Steve Martin Interview on The Big Year

Director David Frankel Interview on The Big Year

Rosamund Pike Interview on The Big Year

Daily Herald (Chicago area) article on The Big Year

The Big Year – Stu and Brad Scare Kenny Clip

The Big Year – Stu’s Advice Clip

The Big Year – The Bridge Clip

The Big Year – Sea Sick Stu Clip

Wow!  See what I was talking about?  Lots of stuff out there now.  Pretty cool.  So, now we already have a trailer with a Swainson’s Hawk in the forest in the snow…and <drumroll>…tonight I saw an ad on TV and heard a Common Loon…in a forest.  Umm.  I sure hope there is lake close by.  You know, some sounds were added after the Bird Guy was no longer there.  Those sneaky film people.  Sigh.  Oh, well.  What was I expecting.  Hollywood *LOVES* the sound of the Common Loon.  So do I.  But in its place, of course!  Oh, dear.  What else is gonna be there?  I can only imagine there’s going to be more CRINGE material.  But imagine what it might have looked like without any input from that Bird Guy. 🙂

Oh, man I cannot wait.  I think these last few days have been 30-hour days and everything is going in s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n.

Stay tuned to this blog.  I’ve got some commentary coming soon on some of the clips.

Just A Little More Than 2 Weeks To Go!

Wow!  Time is racing by at an alarming pace.  As you can imagine, I am so excited that it seems like this whole thing is completely unreal.

I had a blast seeing so many of you at Midwest Birding Symposium and a couple nights ago at Columbus Audubon.  The talks were easy to give to such great audiences.  I am optimistic that this is a good time for birding.  We are on the edge of something brand new and exciting.  It will be up to all of us to usher in a new age of birding and increased exposure in the public eye.

So much is happening.  Here are a few things to be looking for:

  • Most of you have seen movie trailers on TV on a variety of networks – watch for different versions!
  • More interviews with me will be headed your way as we near movie release time; for you local folks, you’ll be happy to know even the Bargain Hunter will be carrying an interview.  Look for some pub in the Columbus Dispatch soon and an interview on NPR (WKSU) nearer the release date of the movie.  There are already a number of interviews on blogs floating around already, too.
  • Sadly (for me anyways) there will be no Hollywood Premiere of this movie; but, in its place look for more TV appearances on talk shows of Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson;  here’s one I already know about–all 3 actors will be on Jay Leno on Thursday night, October 6.
  • Watch for Making of ‘The Big Year’ on HBOe starting on October 5
  • I’ve updated my schedule under the Events tab on my website
  • And here are some new movie clips!

And now, I need to have some me time with my pillow.   Good night everyone.  Two weeks from tomorrow the movie comes out.  It’s been such a long wait and now it just seems to be so imaginary.  Sigh.  I hope I can sleep tonight.  The 10-year-old boy inside of me is as excited as can be!  Haha!


Completely Hypothetical

haha!  Yes.  Completely and totally ungrounded in any sort of reality.  But it is fun to ponder a good “what if” every now and then.

So let the loose logic out the box!  Here we go!  The average gross numbers for these people I got from  The average movie ticket price comes from the Los Angeles Times.  The 2% number?  Haha.  That represents the number of folks from The Big Year movie crew that went from no birding knowledge at all to going out and buying field guides and binoculars to take up this “really cool hobby”.  It is all hypothetical, of course.  But are we ready for that sort of influx into birding?  We’ll need plenty of willing mentors to welcome them into the flock.  See you all at Midwest Birding Symposium this weekend!  Gotta run…

Title Name # films Avg Gross (millions)
producer: Ben Stiller



director: David Frankel



actor: Jack Black



actor: Steve Martin



actor: Owen Wilson



Estimated Avg Gross:  


avg movie ticket price for 2010:


Estimated Domestic Attendance:                  8,821,293
Est interest in bird books & bins @ 2%:                    176,426

The Big Year Movie Trailer…Second Try

(I think this is the WORST buffering for a video…EVER!  <heavy sigh>)

THE BIG YEAR trailer HD by myfilm-gr

It’s finally here.  How’s it feel?  Umm.  Mixed bag of pretty amazing emotions.  Thrilling?  Heck YEAH!  Scary?  Kinda.  I’m not sure what to expect.  It’s like surfing.  You see a wave coming.  You size it up and make a gamble.  But once you’re committed, you’re in it.  And it might be a lot bigger and scarier than you imagined.  Or it might be a fizzle.  At any rate, I’m incredibly lucky to be at this point in my life.  It’s a big wave with uncertain characteristics.  And I’m gonna ride this one and have fun. Continue reading

Topping off the week with…dessert!

Amish Peanut Butter Sundae photo: Greg Miller

Oh, man!  Yummy-licious!  What??!!!??  This is not a bird!  Sigh.  This is not a great diet either.  Hmm.  So why all the food lately?  Something deeper?  Ha!  You read my mind.  How did you do that?  Yeah.  I am doing some evaluation on future plans.  And waiting not-so-very-patiently on movie news.  And, well, I don’t seem to be very indecisive when it comes to food.  That sundae was sweet enough to shrivel your teeth on impact.  I can hear Dr. Phil’s voice in my mind now “It’s not the food you’re eating–it’s what’s eating you.”  Yeah.  Yeah.  Yeah.  But I just might be eating this good food anyways.  Don’t take away my excuse!

Continue reading