The Big Year Contest Winners

Congratulations to our contest winners:

  1. Doreene Linzell
  2. Pat Brannon

The correct answer to the contest question was: Great Gray Owl (I also counted Great Grey Owl as correct as well).  Thanks to everyone who entered!!

Tonight’s post is short and sweet.  I just returned from the Snow Goose Festival in sunny, beautiful Chico, California.  The events were fun, the field trips were great, the birds were enjoyable, and the people were terrific!  Thanks to Jennifer Patten and her team of hard-working folks who helped make this a very special event, and to Rick Wulbern for serving as my personal chauffeur for the festival, and finally, to Bruce & Jeannie Webb for their fine hospitality.

Seeing all the waterfowl in their freshest breeding plumages was a real treat to me.  My mom tells me I got excited about seeing ducks before I could talk.  And those ducks still get me excited to this day.  What’s not to like about a cinnamon teal?  Or a shoveler or pintail?  And raptors were present in good numbers, too.  It was exciting for me to see golden eagles, prairie falcons, and one of my favorite hawks–the ferruginous hawk.


The Big Year GIVEAWAY!

So the DVD (and blu-ray) of the movie, The Big Year, is going to be released on January 31st–very soon.  But before that, wouldn’t it be cool if Greg Miller Birding blog readers had a chance to *WIN* a DVD?


The Big Year DVD

Pretty doggone cool, eh?  You betcha!  But wait!  Don’t stop there!  What if we included a pair of Big Year binoculars?


The Big Year binoculars!

This is pure AWESOMENESS!!!  Your personal coolness factor would go through the roof with all this!

So my friends, here are the rules:

  1. Write an email to
  2. Use the following as the subject line: The Big Year Giveaway
  3. In the body of the email, you must give the answer to the following The Big Year movie question: What is the species of bird that Brad Harris (Jack Black) and his dad (Brian Dennehy) go to see in a Virginia forest in the snow?

You must live in the US or Canada to receive this giveaway.  (I apologize to my friends afield!)  This gift is made possible by 20th Century Fox Home Entertainment and the marketing folks at Thinkjam.

TWO winners will be chosen (both of you will get the DVD [not the blu-ray] and the Big Year binoculars) randomly from all the email submissions with the correct answer to #3.  Watch for the announcement of the TWO winners listed on this blog on January 30, 2012!

I’m challenging you to make 2012 your Biggest Year.  If you haven’t made any resolutions, here’s a little something to help you out:

The Big Year checklist