Rumors About Greg Miller Being Dead

UNTRUE!  ahaha.  Ok.  I don’t know about any of those rumors.  But…it has been an excessively long time since my last post.  I’ve been all over the place and keeping a pretty hectic (but exciting) schedule.  Since I’ve last posted there’s been Florida and the Dry Tortugas, West Virginia and Swainson’s Warblers, Flora-Quest in Southern Ohio, Biggest Week in American Birding in NW Ohio, Great Salt Lake Bird Festival in Utah, Roger Tory Peterson Institute in New York and more!

And now…10,000 pictures later…the first few photos are appearing here (yes, with my trusty Canon Rebel T2i and new Sigma 50-500mm lens with optical stabilization).  These pics are from Southern Florida to the Florida Keys on the way to the Dry Tortugas in April 2012: Continue reading

Whirlwind Schedule

Aaack!  I’m not keeping up with this very well.  Sorry for the long delay in posting.  My recent trips to Chicago for Birding America and the Big Year events in Grand Island, Nebraska went really well!  These trips were super enjoyable to me.  I only hope everyone else had as much of a good time as I did.

Now I’m trying to cram in my regular day job work as a computer consultant (haha, did you expect something different?) before I run away and do more birding/speaking/guiding again.

Did someone say running off?  Yes.  Yes, they did.  Where will I be in late April and May?  Oooh.  Good question.  How about this?

April 24-27 – Florida Keys & Dry Tortugas with Wes Biggs and Florida Nature Tours (check out the $200 discount posted on Wes Biggs facebook page!)

May 4-6 – Southern Ohio for Flora-Quest (botany, butterflies, and birds) with Cheryl Harner

May 7-13 – NW Ohio for Biggest Week in American Birding with Kenn & Kim Kaufman

May 17-21 – Farmington, Utah for the Great Salt Lake Bird Festival

I am totally thrilled and so looking forward to being a part of all of this!!!

Gotta run off now to my day job (which I don’t hate like the movie, The Big Year, says).

Jump Start Your Life List

Many of you probably have nice life lists already. But for those who are just starting out, here is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to boost your life list of birds in North America (southern border of the U.S. and northward) to over 500. The following are my very favorite places to go birding on the continent. All of these spots are great for birds at any time of year. But I have included my recommendations for those making their first trips. And of course, I am biased with by my own best birding experiences. The birds are spectacular and each of these places provides a very good variety of species as well. Continue reading

The Canoe Story

It was Friday morning, November 27, 1998—the day after Thanksgiving. I was satisfied with my look at a Spot-breasted Oriole on the grounds of the Baptist Hospital on 88th Street in Kendall, Florida. I looked at my watch. 8:30am. Wow. It’s early. Flamingos, here I come! I drove south on Rt 1 through town down through Homestead. In Florida City I turned west on 9336 and headed toward the Everglades. I gulped the last of my orange juice, chasing down the remains of an Egg McMuffin while watching all the Eurasian Collared Doves. I made a few notes to myself. They perch on top of lamp posts and telephone poles, unlike Mourning Doves. I also noted how they very often sat at sharp angles on the telephone lines like Kestrels. The chunky, squarish look of this bird in flight reminded me of a White-winged Dove. Speaking of which, hey, there is one! And there’s a Hill Myna on another telephone pole. I passed by Robert’s and thought someday I’ll stop for a Key Lime Milkshake. Continue reading