A Day of Rarity-chasing

March 29, 2011

I left the house at 5:30am to meet birding friend Cheryl Harner near Mansfield.  From there we drove to La Rue, Ohio to try for the Hoary Redpoll that has been visiting a feeder in town.  We were not disappointed.  We found the bird within minutes of our morning arrival.  Pictures of this bird can be found at Steve Jones photo gallery, currently  in the Unsorted category.

We birded Big Island Wildlife Area since we were in the immediate vicinity.  We found several Greater Yellowlegs and both Northern Shovelers and Northern Pintails are still present–two extraordinarily beautiful species of waterfowl.  Tree Swallows were back en force.  They were found flying around all the ponds and even out over the fields.  A few are even staking out nest boxes already, not wasting any time after their arrival a few days ago.

Tree Swallow, Big Island WA photo: Greg Miller

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