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Before I get to the rumors, here’s an official promo from Fox that I received in January, 2011:

Release: TBD
Director: David Frankel
Screenplay by Howard Franklin, inspired by the book by Mark Obmascik
Producers: Karen Rosenfelt, Ben Stiller, Stuart Cornfeld, Curtis Hanson, Carol Fenelon
Cast:  Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Wilson

In this comedy for grown-ups, Steve Martin, Jack Black and Owen Wilson portray three men from different walks of life, each facing unique personal challenges. The one thing they share is an uncommon passion for…bird watching.  In the biggest competition of their biggest year, they undertake an unforgettable trek through North America, fall in and out of love, engage in hilarious and bizarre adventures, and form friendships that will last a lifetime. Directed by David Frankel (“Marley and Me,” “The Devil Wears Prada”).

The Big Year Movie Rumor Mill

Yes, this is completely filled with rumors.  This is *not* inside information.  It only contains links to what can be found on the Internet.  A note of caution: The information below is completely unverified and is included here for your entertainment.  The dates listed represented when I found that particular item.


The Big Year is both Wacky & Heart-warming

Feel Good ‘Big Year’ Trailer

The Big Year looks like a softer, sweeter comedy


Birds & Blooms article about Extreme Birding

Birds & Blooms interview with Greg Miller


Bird & Blooms interview with David Frankel, the director of the movie, The Big Year

Entertainment Weekly preview of The Big Year


Big Year blog from Birds & Blooms

CNN must see movies: The Big Year

Talking with legendary Fair Lawn birder Sandy Komito


New movie focuses on the most boring hobby ever, bird watching

Bird watching is boring, dreary, eccentric, slow, mind-numbing, mundane


Richmond Times-Dispatch article on the book, The Big Year, becoming a movie

Long Range Forecast: ‘Footloose’,’The Thing’, and ‘The Big Year’


Oh, boy!  First look at the movie The Big Year…is just a photograph.

Where is The Big Year movie trailer?


ABA blog – 25 Things That Changed Birding Recently


Birding article in the Star Tribune.


Another reader gets hooked on the book, The Big Year, and is excited about the movie.


Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival

Interview with Steve Martin on Conan (via The Z Bird Birding Blog)

Slow Birding Blog has a section for The Big Year Images, Wallpapers, etc. There are pics of Steve Martin, Jack Black, Owen Wilson, Jennifer Aniston (was she added to the movie?), and <drumroll> me? Haha! (but that is not a movie pic!)

The Big Year stars stayed in Dawson City, Yukon

The talented Tim Blake Nelson

Nice write up at birdwatchingdaily

blogtalkradio blurb on cinematographer Lawrence Sher (The Big Year Cinematographer)

Forbes interview with Joel McHale

The Big Year has stunt people! haha


Anthony Anderson on his role in the movie, The Big Year: “I’m really excited about that one.”


A review of the music of Theodore Shapiro, composer of the original score for the movie, The Big Year.

Rashida Jones says that The Big Year was “…a really, really, sweet script.”


U.K. release date slated to be November 11, 2011

Not sure of the original source of this, but here’s a blog on the movie, The Big Year.


Watch Steve Martin being interviewed by The View & David Letterman about his new bluegrass album, Rare Bird Alert here.


Actress Cindy Busby confirms The Big Year movie release date of October 14, 2011.

“Whenever there are grown men competing tooth-and-nail over something that seems sort of ridiculous, there’s a lot of comedy there,” –Jack Black

Hey! Look who’s a part of this year’s Rio Grande Valley Birding Festival: Mark Obmascik (author of The Big Year) and Kenn Kaufman, revisiting his big year, too!


Not much about The Big Year, but a nice interview with actress Rashida Jones.

Steve Martin just release his 2nd bluegrass album, “Rare Bird Alet”. He will also be appearing on a few talk shows over the next few days.  Details here:

Steve Martin to appear in Albany, NY on March 30

Interview with Steven Siegel, videographer for The Big Year

More competition for The Big Year movie

Some leaked movie set pics

Here’s a link to a video that I don’t remember posting before about birding in Tofino, BC. Filming was done last summer, so this may have appeared here last year. As a side note, I got to meet these film students on the day that they visited the movie set

In case you missed it in the Times Reporter, here’s a link to The Canton Repository article about fellow Holmes County native, Nate Torrence (who has a role in the movie, The Big Year)

I was recently interviewed on a podcast at The Wilderness Center in Wilmot, Ohio. You can listen to it here

A childhood neighbor (ok, within a mile) will be in the movie, The Big Year (and he’s in a new TV show, too)

For those of you interested, Vanity Fair just listed Hollywood’s top 40 money earners. Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are in the top 40 and their involvement with the movie, The Big Year, is also included. Owen Wilson made $8 million on The Big Year? Wow.

Wanna hear some excellent banjo music? You can download a free song from Steve Martin’s new album, Rare Bird Alert at this location (you will have to give up your email for the free download)

NEWS FLASH: The movie THE BIG YEAR has a OCTOBER 14, 2011 release date!

Here’s a short video of my interview with WMFD on Saturday. It occurs at 6 min 45 sec into the Newswatch video

Jack Black and his family at a park (for those of you interested in a different side of Jack Black)

The multi-talented Steve Martin (comedian, actor, musician, author, and art collector) is releasing a new bluegrass album (his last album won a Grammy in 2009) called “Rare Bird Alert”, inspired by his experience working on the movie, The Big Year. The release date on the album is March 15, 2011. (still no official release date for th…e movie)

Here’s an interview from the Mansfield News Journal

A not-as-favorable review from a private screening of The Big Year

The Big Year movie rumors from BirdChick blog

Here’s a recap of The Big Year program in Portsmouth, Ohio this past Tuesday night with the Shawnee Nature Club (thank you Cheryl Harner)

Steve Martin quote “I’m in love with this movie” about The Big Year. Interview on WNYC. Audio only. 27 minutes long. You can start about 25:05 to hear him talk briefly about The Big Year.

I cannot find any other information to confirm this. Apparently the movie, The Big Year, had an advanced screening in Southern California on November 10. And a reviewer has already commented on it. The link is here

Interview with Jim Parsons on Regis and Kelly (includes a short section on working with the set of The Big Year)

Interview with Cindy Busby (includes a blurb about working on the set of The Big Year)

I found a youtube cut of the Nov 5, 2010 Letterman interview with Steve Martin where he spends a little time talking about the movie, The Big Year.

To all of you Big Year fans who were wondering about a story involving Florida swamps and a canoe…well…here you go

This past week marked the end of filming for the movie, The Big Year. The movie is now in Post Production status (see IMDB). So what happens now? Here’s a link to what happens [in general] during a movie in post production

Not really about The Big Year, but an interview involving a couple co-stars–Jack Black interviews Rashida Jones

Here is an interview with Lawrence Sher, the Director of Photography for the movie, The Big Year

This from Canadian Tourism Commission about The Big Year

i must be tired. currently in california birding. here’s a neat article about jack black

Whaddyaknow? Kevin Pollak is gonna be part of The Big Year now, too.

traveling back to vancouver today. here’s an article about our filming experience in tofino on vancouver island

Vancouver Island is great. I’m getting treated like a king here. Owen Wilson and Jack Black played golf here yesterday.

wildly busy and having fun. heading out to vancouver island today for next week’s filming. i found a blog that caught some pics of jack black just outside off one of our sets last week.

I am so busy I have not been able to update here. Being on the movie set is quite an experience! Here is a link to the growing number of supporting cast members for the movie

Found another rumor of a possible filming location for The Big Year

more on The Big Year filming in Osoyoos, British Columbia, Canada

And more news about The Big Year movie filming locations (all in Canada so far)

Here’s a juicy tidbit from the gossip mill of the Internet. Filming beginning May 15 in Tofinio, BC, Canada? This nugget is from a news source near Vancouver, Canada

Nothing new yet, but here’s an article from yesterday’s Denver Post


More movie rumors. This one’s from Vancouver

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