Two Years After The Big Year Movie

Two years ago last month (October) the movie, The Big Year, was released. I personally have seen the movie 24 times since then. Of course I really liked the movie. I am biased though. I got to proofread the script and I got to be on the movie set as a Bird Consultant. What a surreal experience! It still seems like a dream. Like it never truly happened. A Hollywood movie with A-List stars (Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson) was the last thing I would have expected from my Big Year in 1998. So many things had to happen to make this a reality. I often wondered “Why me?” Most folks reserve that for bad experiences. But I soon realized it really wasn't about me. It was waaay bigger! What is it? There is a new wave of popularity in birding. And I am privileged to be riding along with this one! And I can't help believing that we are only beginning to scratch the surface of what is about to be! I am full of hope for our future!

Recently someone asked me how many times I've spoken. Great question. I was curious myself. My friend, Erica Rusk, compiled a list of all the places I've been in the last two years. She has been keeping my calendar for me these last two years. Thank you, Erica! Here is a map I put together with Erica's list and a website called Batchgeo.

Thank you everyone! It has been wonderful traveling all over America (and Canada, too) talking about a contest I didn't win and signing books I didn't write!


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4 thoughts on “Two Years After The Big Year Movie

  1. Hi Greg, Looks like you need a trip to Minnesota. What would it take to get you up to Ely to talk to Ely Field Naturalists. You come highly recommended by my friends in Athol, Ma. We don’t have an owl invasion year yet but it’s early. We could promise a few spruce grouse and maybe a nesting boreal owl if you wait till March. Cheers, Steve

  2. The movie is what got me into birding as of September, 2013. Life list is up to 141 and I’m enjoying every trip I take with 2 of the Audubon groups (Laguna Woods and Sea & Sage) in Orange County, CA area.

    Good birding to you.

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