2013 MBS & OFO

MBS & OFO? What is that, you say? Midwest Birding Symposium and Ontario Field Ornithologists. MBS was a week ago already and OFO was this past weekend. I'm writing from a hotel in Lexington, Nebraska on my way to Rocky Mountain Bird Observatory in Brighton, Colorado.

I'm always thrilled to see young birders' enthusiasm. Nathan already has a keen eye (OFO at Pt. Pelee).

The banquet Saturday night at OFO. Over 240 participants!

We had a large group for a field trip to the tip at Pt. Pelee. That's me in jeans and a light shirt with the green Biggest Week in American Birding backpack about half way. (Photo by Steve Pike)

This is a Blackpoll Warbler at Magee Marsh during MBS. Note that it is showing off the pale soles of its feet…just to taunt birders with the difficult identification.

Golly. This looks delicious. (The berry silly–not the Ring-billed Gull)

Nom-Nom-Nom. Looks so good I think I'll swallow it whole.

Oofah. That was larger than I thought.

Ewww. Gonna have to walk this one off!

Funny sequence of a Ring-billed Gull with a large “snack” at East Harbor State Park during MBS.

Gotta run. Off to Colorado!


2 thoughts on “2013 MBS & OFO

  1. Thanks Greg for joining us at the OFO annual convention. Your expertise and good humor made our event a huge success! I have received very positive feedback about your presentation during the banquet. I recommend you wholeheartedly as a birding guide and speaker!

    Robert Maciver
    OFO President

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