Is the Bobolink in Trouble in Ohio?


Bobolink photo: USFWS

What is black and yellow and white, flies over 12,000 miles per year, and weighs a little more than 3 Oreo Cookies?  A Bobolink!.  The bobolink is a strikingly beautiful bird with a really cool song that nests in grassy fields in Ohio.  But for how long?  It is still easy to see here.  But, is it in trouble?

Bobolink Abundance by Decade in Ohio

Bobolink Abundance in Ohio by Decade. Data from eBird 1900-2012 as of 8/16/2013.

The above chart paints a sad picture for the status of the bobolink in Ohio.  But is this really true?  Has the bobolink declined in numbers by over 80% since the 1980s?  You be the judge.  I discuss this data (caution–lots of data and discussion ahead–like 18 pages worth of discussion).

You can find out more about the bobolink in this handy dandy .pdf file:

Bobolink in Trouble in Ohio


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