2014 Panama Target Birds 11-20

I hope you enjoyed the Top 10 Most Frequently Reported Birds in Panama in late January that I posted last week.  Again, I am using eBird data for the entire country of Panama, the last 2 weeks for all years.  There is not a ton of data, but it is way better than nothing!  I am using data I collected July 13, 2013 (last month).  And all of this is preparation for my trip to Panama January 18-25 with Wildside Nature Tours.  You can sign up for the trip and come birding in Central America with me at this link: Panama Canal Zone and Pipeline Road Birding with Greg Miller

As I said before, some of Panama’s most common birds are birds that you will recognize from North America.  Like this one:

Brown Pelican

Brown Pelican in flight – South Texas Coast – Dec 2012. Photo by Greg Miller

Did you enjoy the links to pictures about all those birds?  Did you learn the Top 10?  Cool.  Then you must be ready for numbers 11-20.

Most Frequently Reported Birds in Panama for late January #11-20

11. Ruddy Ground-Dove
12. Variable Seedeater
13. Red-crowned Woodpecker
14. Great Kiskadee
15. Palm Tanager
16. Brown Pelican
17. Gray-breasted Martin
18. Plain-colored Tanager
19. Great Egret
20. Red-lored Parrot

There you have it–this week’s homework! Ok. It’s too much fun to call homework. It is fun to learn new birds and dream about a cool tropical wonderland like Panama!

Be on the lookout for more goodies on the Impatient Birder series!  Coming soon: When and Where to look for a target species in North America.  Yup.  Species accounts.

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