2013 Biggest Week in American Birding – part 3

Time is zooming by here at Biggest Week! This Mourning Warbler and I shared a “moment” this evening on the Magee Marsh boardwalk before it resumed its normal Ninja Skulking habits.

Notice how this secretive bird hides behind a mere twig. It is laughing at me I think.


A number of us got to enjoy this beautiful Black Tern at Metzger Marsh today.

This Common Nighthawk (a bird that hunts insects by night) was seen perched in a tree today above the Black Swamp Bird Observatory's tent.

And even though I'm a birder, I still am entertained by a sight like this–a raccoon snoozing on top of a wood duck box at Maumee Bay boardwalk.

This red Eastern Screech-Owl didn't look too happy. Although all the onlookers were delighted with its presence.

Mallards are so abundant they don't get proper respect. This stunning male was just perfect in the partial sunlight

Everyone knows I'm a lister–I list birds even for competition. But sometimes I can't help but see some unique behavior of birds. This American Goldfinch seems to be having a lively conversation with a White-crowned Sparrow. Captions anyone? <grin>

And sometimes I just pause for snapshot experience like this gorgeous American Goldfinch in a crabapple tree.

Or this male Rose-breasted Grosbeak taking a bath.

A richly colored male Northern Cardinal in a crabapple tree.

Rose-breasted Grosbeak at Pearson Park. Incredible.

Wow. What a sight! Hello spring!

An Indigo Bunting–what can I say? Birds totally rule!

Yet another delightful gallery brought to you by the awesome birds of Biggest Week in Northwest Ohio.

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