2013 Florida Ornithological Society Spring Meeting – Day 3

Saturday morning I went to Fort Desoto Park in St. Petersburg, Florida again. It's maybe the best place to bird on Florida's West Coast. (Ok. That's my opinion. You are entitled to your own favorite spot). The Yellow-throated Warbler pictured above is always a delight to see!

These cool warblers are often found in dramatic positions as they feed. I know I don't eat breakfast upside down.

And why is it that these pretty Cape May Warblers strive so hard to hide from my camera? I think they must be bashful. Or something.

This is our group actively looking at…a mulberry tree. Ha. Maybe it was really the migrant birds in the mulberry tree. Yeah. Probably.

The afternoon and evening were spent indoors listening to workshops and another keynote. And some guy gave a workshop on learning bird songs and calls and didn't even use slides. Egads! The audacity! (Yeah. It was me)


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