April 15 test

It was beautifully warm and sunny (and windy, too) today in northeastern Ohio.  I watched a fair number of Chimney Swifts fly by the house this afternoon and watched dozens of red admirals in the yard as they were blown northward.

This post is a test in a couple ways: 1) the first thing I am testing is to see whether this blog post will show up on the facebook page, Greg Miller Birding; and 2) I got a new camera lens (Sigma 50-500mm with optical stabilization) and I am posting some of my first photos below.

lilacs in the back yard photo: Greg Miller

White-breasted Nuthatch in back yard - 4/12/2012 photo: Greg Miller

3 thoughts on “April 15 test

  1. You’ll love the lens, I have the 150-500. The Sigma’s OS a little difficult to get used to, but their lenses have a lot of detail and is great for the money.

    …If you will permit me a little CC on the images. Please don’t take it the wrong way, I only want you to get the most out of the lens ;-D…

    Great test shots. Might want to expose just a touch more. Plus the WB is a bit on the green side, but both of those are camera issues and not lens issues.

  2. Nice pics. Looks like the new lens works well! Your butterfly background is serving you well! Add a few butterfly pics to the bird pics!

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