Less Than A Week To Go!

Holy Smokes!  I cannot believe this is really happening!  It just doesn’t seem real that some personal birding adventure from 13 years ago has been a part of what inspired a Hollywood movie.  Simply jaw-dropping.  Miller Luck in more than just birding?  ahaha!  How cool is that??!!?!  A lot is happening now with interviews with the stars on TV and HBO carrying a First Look at The Big Year (which I hear is quite good–I haven’t seen it yet myself).  So if you haven’t had time to catch up with what all is going on, I’ll add a few links here to help you out.

New Articles:

Variety magazine article on partnership between the movie & Audubon organization

ENews Park Forest article on The Big Year & Audubon

‘The Big Year’: To kill by mocking the birds – Chicago Sun-Times

Orlando Sentinel interview with all 3 stars (Black/Martin/Wilson)

Some pictures:

‘The Big Year’ stills


Rashida Jones interview on “The Big Year”

Black/Martin/Wilson interview with Access Hollywood

(the whole show–about 40 minutes)
The Tonight Show With Jay Leno – Oct 6, 2011 (includes full interview with Black/Martin/Leno)

Or just watch clips of the interview on Tonight Show with Jay Leno:
Black/Martin/Wilson – preview clip on Hulu

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 1

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 2

Black/Martin/Wilson – Tonight Show with Jay Leno – part 3

And Columbus fans of The Big Year can watch for an article in this Sunday’s Columbus Dispatch.  Local fans (near Millersburg, OH) can be listening for a brief interview with me on WJER.  NPR listeners can tune in sometime in the near future (as the movie release gets closer) for another interview with me with Mark Urycki of WKSU.  I will be attending an advanced screening of the movie on Monday night in Richmond Heights, OH, thanks to tickets from the Akron Beacon Journal.  Speaking of Monday, The Big Year trio (Jack Black, Steve Martin, and Owen Wilson) will be on TV with Ellen DeGeneres.  And check out the Events tab on this website to see all the upcoming fun!

See you all at the movie!

5 thoughts on “Less Than A Week To Go!

  1. Greg- I’m getting excited too- I just listened to Bill Thompson’s interview with the producer or director of the movie- Congrats on helping bring birding to forefront of the American consciousness. It was great to bird with you at Flora-quest this past May.


  2. Hey Greg!
    You hopefully saw the movie by now–what’d you think? And do you know when your interviews on WJER and WKSU will be? And I’m guessing it was you that Jack made some reference to in his interview re: the condor wing flapping e.g.?
    Ok, done with the questions! Stan

  3. Hi Greg,

    FYI: The flight magazine for Delta airlines has Steve Martin on the cover and an article within. Just thought you would like to know.


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