Completely Hypothetical

haha!  Yes.  Completely and totally ungrounded in any sort of reality.  But it is fun to ponder a good “what if” every now and then.

So let the loose logic out the box!  Here we go!  The average gross numbers for these people I got from  The average movie ticket price comes from the Los Angeles Times.  The 2% number?  Haha.  That represents the number of folks from The Big Year movie crew that went from no birding knowledge at all to going out and buying field guides and binoculars to take up this “really cool hobby”.  It is all hypothetical, of course.  But are we ready for that sort of influx into birding?  We’ll need plenty of willing mentors to welcome them into the flock.  See you all at Midwest Birding Symposium this weekend!  Gotta run…

Title Name # films Avg Gross (millions)
producer: Ben Stiller



director: David Frankel



actor: Jack Black



actor: Steve Martin



actor: Owen Wilson



Estimated Avg Gross:  


avg movie ticket price for 2010:


Estimated Domestic Attendance:                  8,821,293
Est interest in bird books & bins @ 2%:                    176,426

4 thoughts on “Completely Hypothetical

  1. Hi Greg!
    Taking this a step further, with nearly 200,000 new excited birders within the next year, many of whom will be attending some of the birding events listed above, attendance at these events will skyrocket. Where prior attendance may have been in the 10s to hundreds, they will leap to the hundreds and thousands! Venues will need to be changed…maybe to Quicken Loans arena—or Ohio Stadium Good luck with all that!
    Looking forward to the movie as well!

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