What is an MBS?

Oh, dear.  Is this a quiz?  A riddle?  What?  MBS?  Is it some Government thingie?  (they’re always using acronyms–it’s one of their favorite pastimes).  Seriously, MBS?  Sigh.  Many Big Sardines?  Um, no?  Mostly Big Sighs?  Aww, geez Greg.  Quit makin’ stuff up!

Ok.  In a previous life–not really a previous life, ok?  just a very long time ago in a galaxy far, far away–I worked for a large company that created MBS’s–Mortgage-Backed Securities.  Really?  Should I even admit that?  Nah.  You can pretend I never said that.

How about Modified Barium Swallow?  Yes–the abbreviation is MBS.  But no, this is not what I am talking about today.  Hey!  Isn’t this a birding blog?  Why, yes!  Yes, it is!  So maybe this is a bird?  (You’re getting warmer)  Umm.  Like a Medium Brown Sparrow?  Noooooooo.  ahhahaha.  But what a good guess.  Besides, we are not far off from October–the month of medium brown sparrows here in Ohio.

MIDWEST BIRDING SYMPOSIUM.  Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!  That is it!  By Jove!  You’ve got it right, old chap!  Sorry.  Maybe you’re not old?  Or a chap?  Or maybe you just read what I wrote and did no guessing, whatsoever?  Whatever.  I’ll be at the 2011 Midwest Birding Symposium in Lakeside, Ohio from September 15-18.  I promise I’ll have more to talk about in September at the MBS than I do this evening after a 12-hour workday.  The best part of that (the workday–do I have to explain everything?) is that it is OVER!  Yesssss!  I’m totally pumped.  Really?  Actually, no.  No I am not.  I am worn out and a bit frazzled.  But at least I am left with a punchy sense of quirky humor.  Maybe you have noticed, eh?  <chuckles sarcastically>

So why are there no pictures, Greg?  Are you going for the Spartan Minimalist Blogging Award?  You are kidding me, right?  Really?  Is there a reward like that?  Then SURELY I should get it for this fine gem of a post!!!  Alas, this will be my FIRST EVER trip to an MBS.  I have no pictures, no exciting experiences to write about, rare birds seen, or stories of fascinating speakers.  But…I…umm.  What was I saying?  Oh, yeah.  I *AM* looking forward to attending MBS!  It will be a new experience!  It’ll be a great time to be birding and we’ll be close to many good birding sites.  And, there really will be a ton of great speakers (even I will be in the lineup–so maybe their standards are not so high! <grin>).  I hear there will be 1,000 birders there.  That’s a LOT of people.  So many, in fact, that I might even put down my binoculars long enough to meet real people.  hahaha.

Really, I’ll try my best to pay attention to your name.  But if it’s something other than a North American bird’s name, I’ll probably forget it–while we are chatting.  Chatting–reminds me of Yellow-breasted Chat!  Yes, Captain Distraction will be in full bird mode.  (interpreted something like this–you’ll probably get a lot of opportunities to laugh at me).  So I hope you’ll join me this year for birding and a large helping of fun and laughter at the…ahem…MBS–Midwest Birding Symposium.

Here are a couple links of interviews [with me–and crafted by talented folks other than myself] to hold you over until my next snoozer blog:

zbirdtours interview

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3 thoughts on “What is an MBS?

  1. Hi Greg. Hope to run into you at MBS. I just finished reading The Big Year (figured I better get to it before the movie comes out – can’t wait for that!). This year’s MBS will be a blast, I think. More importantly, though, I stopped by to send out a holler from the hills of Southeast Ohio!! I read your interview on Birding Is Fun, and you mentioned that you think SEOhio is underbirded. I agree, but we have a good (if not small) contingent of birders down here. The Hocking Hills region, after all, has boasted the only know state nest of Mississippi Kites for 2 years in a row! I’m still relatively new to birding myself, so I still have lots to learn… which is why I go to events like MBS! Hope to see you there. -Heather of the Hills

    • You’re right. You do have some good birders in SE Ohio. But you don’t have near the birding coverage that a much of the rest of the state has. It’s not your fault. It’s just less convenient for most birders from populated areas. That, and I’m just curious what happens there in the birding world when no one is there to see it.

  2. Yes, we are a little “out of the way” down here, and with no major metropolitan areas in our midst, reasons for coming this way are few except as a route to West Virginia. Lack of metropolitan areas should bode well for the birds, though, I would think, and it’s part of the reason why I live here in the first place! I do plan on exploring this corner of the state more in-depth over the next few years.

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