Scheduling a Birder’s Day

Well.  There is a Cassin’s Sparrow reported in Ohio.  It’s confirmed by both song and photos.  And it’s a 4-hr-drive away.  So with six minutes to spare this morning, here’s a quickie blog post.

0245-0315  wake up & get ready for work

0315-0400 drive to canton to work

0400-1200 work day–no breaks or lunch hour

1200-1245 drive canton to mt. hope–pick up robert hershberger

1245-1330 drive to wooster–meet su snyder

1330-1630 drive wooster to lockington

1630-1830 search and hopefully find the skulker cassin’s sparrow

1830-2130 return to wooster

2130-2215 drive to mt. hope and drop off robert

2215-2245 drive home

There.  That should keep me pretty busy today.  I’ll update about the trip (but probably not tonight!)


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