Master Show Off

Yellow-breasted Chat looking for an audience, Adams County, OH photo: Greg Miller

Mr. Dapper looking all casual.  And then…

Yellow-breasted Chat showing off, Adams County, OH photo: Greg Miller

YOWZER!  Look at the contortions!  What is he doing with that throat?  Do female Yellow-breasted Chats actually find this attractive?  Really?  Haha!  The antics, sounds, and clowning around of this bird in Spring really fascinates me.  This bird is so entirely entertaining that it is nearly impossible to be upset or feel bad in any way.  I find myself chuckling every time I watch these birds.  Giggle.  Laugh.  Snort!  hahahahahaha!

Oh, man it was hard to leave Scioto and Adams Counties this weekend.  There are so many more pictures and experiences from this weekend of both birds and flowers.  But…it is time to pack up and get ready to head North and follow migration to Western Lake Erie for Biggest Week in American Birding.  Hope to see all of you there!

I will leave you with a couple more bird pics from this weekend.

Scarlet Tanager, Shawnee St Forest, OH photo: Greg Miller

Blue-winged Warbler, Shawnee St Forest, OH photo: Greg Miller

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