Biggest Week update

I’ve been here in Northwest Ohio for the Biggest Week In American Birding event since May 5.  Birding has been exciting and meeting so many wonderful birders has been quite amazing.  It has been a real pleasure meeting so many of you who’ve read the book and cheered me on. (I read the book and cheered me on hoping that I would win–it didn’t work.  Shucks)

It is late tonight and I have an early departure to Kelley’s Island tomorrow.  After six days of birding here I have seen 170 species (most days hovering around 100 species).  So here are some pictures from the start of this event through today.  Enjoy!

Blue-headed Vireo Pt Pelee 2011-05-05

Scarlet Tanager (orange) Pt Pelee 2011-05-05

Rose-breasted Grosbeak Pt Pelee 2011-05-05

Red-breasted Nuthatch Pt Pelee 2011-05-05Prothonotary Warbler Pt Pelee 2011-05-05

Palm Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Black Tern Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Brown Creeper Maumee Bay St Park 2011-05-08

Northern Parula Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Prothonotary Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Ruby-crowned Kinglet Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Bay-breasted Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Veery Magee Marsh 2011-05-08

Scarlet Tanager Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Black-throated Green Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Three Big Year Birders (Chris Hitt, Greg Miller, Dan Sanders) Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

White-throated Sparrow Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Northern Waterthrush Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Prothonotary Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

American Woodcock Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Magnolia Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-09

Lark Sparrow Oak Openings 2011-05-10

Black-capped Chickadee Oak Openings 2011-05-10

Indigo Bunting Oak Openings 2011-05-10

Philadelphia Vireo Magee Marsh 2011-05-10

Marbled Godwit 2 - near Magee Marsh 2011-05-06

The Marbled Godwit was digiscoped.  All the other pics were with my Canon Rebel T2i and a Tamron 70-300mm lens (no image stabilization).



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