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Friday and most of Saturday I got a chance to bird with fellow birder Nathan Madison.  We had a great time birding starting on Kelley’s Island Friday morning, birding Western Lake Erie Friday afternoon and Saturday morning, and then finishing up at Mohican State Park Saturday afternoon.  The weather was very pleasant and birding was good.  Although the largest numbers of peak migration had already passed, we still had a decent variety of species with a total of 108 for our trip list.

It was Nathan’s first Spring trip to the famed Magee Marsh Bird Trail.  Many birds were up close and personal affording “Miller Views” (a Miller View is a crippling good look at a bird) of birds normally far harder to see in the tree tops.  Some birding highlights included Mourning Warbler, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, and Gray-cheeked Thrush.  And below, I’ve included some pics from our trip.

Nathan Madison 1st trip to Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Lakeside Daisies in the fog Kelleys Island 2011-05-21

Canada Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Black-throated Blue Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Eastern Screech-Owl Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Bay-breasted Warbler Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Nathan and Greg Magee Marsh 2011-05-21

Don’t we look dapper in our GMB (Greg Miller Birding) hats?  Nathan is the logo designer for GMB.  Thanks Nathan!

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  1. It was great to meet both you and Nathan on Kelley’s Island last Friday. Thanks for identifying the Lincoln’s Sparrow. Nathan knew when it sung it was different.

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