You Started A New Hobby??!!?

Whaaaat?  hahaha.  Well.  Not really new.  But new nonetheless.  I’ve ditched my old scopes and upgraded to just one new one.  And…<drumroll>…I got a DSLR camera and adapter to go with it.  So I am one happy camper.  And I’ve been reading.  What a complicated new world!  But, I am quite excited.  Unfortunately, I am going to have to give myself some real patience with this twist of my birding hobby.  The learning curve is pretty big.  And execution is kind of difficult.  (Especially for Captain Shaky Hands)  This will, of course, put a dent in my traditional listing.  But hey.  Now my digiscoping setup is going to have its own life list. 🙂

Snowy Egret - Millersburg, OH - 2011-04-26 photo: Greg Miller

This is a pretty good bird for the Bobolink Area of Ohio.  For those of you who want to look, this bird is South of the Walmart on Rt 83 South of Millersburg, Ohio.  From the intersection of Rt 62 & Rt 83 South of town (where Rt 62 splits off toward Killbuck), go North (toward the Walmart) and park safely in the first wide dirt pulloff on the right side of the road.  Pull completely off the road.  Rt 83 has lots of trafffic.  The bird should be feeding in the swampy area across the road.

Unfortunately, it was windy and cloudy at the time and I was pretty far away.  So this pic is a bit grainy, but it sure looks a whole lot better than my zillions of old photos that qualify for the Gallery of C.R.A.P.  (Completely Ridiculous Awful Photographs).

Tree Swallow - Mt Hope - 2011-04-26 photo: Greg Miller

This one turned out pretty good.  I’m glad I started with subjects that pose so well first before trying harder birds.

Purple Martin - Mt Hope - 2011-04-26 photo: Greg Miller

The sunlight was just right on this martin.  It almost looks unreal!

American Robin - Mt Hope - 2011-04-26 photo: Greg Miller

Even this American Robin looks striking here.  It’s amazing what good equipment can do for a hack photographer like me.  Well.  Whatever kind of name I have.  Photographer is not it.  Birder?  Yes.  I am still learning how to shoot photographs.  haha.  I am photography-challenged.  But these few photos actually looked good to me.  Good enough for me to continue to work at getting better.

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